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  • At least three degrees of protection against emergencies (protection against overheating, overcharging and short circuit). Any of these problems can cause a fire battery or burning;
  • The controller is programmed under the elements that set;
  • Protection against forgery;
  • All elements of the battery are made with appropriate quality;
  • The disadvantages of such an acquisition can be attributed only to a relatively high price.


  • NO degrees of protection, in most cases does not provide even tripping! As a consequence - a fire or burning, the consequences you can imagine;
  • Imitation of the original controller working "as is necessary"
  • A new battery can simply "does not fit" your laptop.
  • Questionable, and often, frankly poor quality elements and components.It can and will work, but not for long.
  • The advantages include the acquisition unless the low price, in comparison with the original accessories.

Thus, if you buy - that only a new and an authorized representative of the manufacturer of the laptop. Issue price: the new will cost about twice higher than the average price of non-genuine. But there is another controversial issue. New, in original packaging intact, it may be several years after lying in a warehouse or in a cold room ... and it affects its capacity and future lifetime.

You need a working battery and no money to the original spare part? You may ask: "What to do in this case?" The way out is quite easy: REPAIR old battery When repairing the battery master sets fresh elements, not stale, and reprograms the native controller for these items. PRICE repair the battery will be slightly higher than the price of copies of branded compatible battery from online stores. The conclusion is clear - the right to spend money to restore the battery to the improvement of its parameters and enjoy the battery life, and not to throw them to the wind, getting something that can simply not work or damage you.

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Repackaging batteries in Cherkassy

If your laptop has stopped working on the battery or the battery life of your netbook becomes obscenely small, which means that you may need time to recover (repack) battery. Batteries in modern laptops and netbooks come in two types - Lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride. These batteries replaced nickel-cadmium batteries used in older models of laptop computers.Lithium-ion batteries are most commonly used in the new modern laptops and Ultrabooks, because of the large capacity and no memory effect. But these batteries are very sensitive to changes of temperature and supply voltage. To keep the indicators are normal in this type of battery is soldered microcontroller, which often is the cause of malfunction of the battery. Also important is the battery capacity, and date of manufacture elements. Shelf life of each element in the battery for about 2 years from date of manufacture. After this period, the element loses its capacity.

Service LOMASTER™ - expert restoration batteries

In this case, help repackaging batteries in Cherkassy. This will help restore the old functionality of the laptop. When repacking of the battery case are extended outside elements and soldered new. If necessary, stitched microcontroller.As a result, you get a new battery in the old building (the appearance of the battery may have scratches, as initially it must be disassembled and glue the back, but it does not affect the operation of the laptop battery.) If you are tired of sitting with laptop near the outlet of the non-battery - please contact the Lomaster in Cherkassy, and again we will refund your laptop mobility..

Cherkassy, st. Gogolya 137, of.11/1 look on map

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