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Free diagnosis
or consultation by phone

Spare parts
for repair. With the guarantee.

Urgent repairs
up to 1 day

The warranty on all completed
work and installed parts

Urgent repairs laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks

Check Engineer
home or office

DO You want YOUR laptop TO BE repaired AT home? No problem, we’LL send you an engineer.

Urgent repairs

We cope with the problems of any complexity in the shortest possible Terms - 80% of the laptop repair is performed on the same day.


Saving data

You should not worry about the safety of data - we keep all the information for free or give you a hard drive for the time of laptop repair.


We know the typical failure of all modern laptops that can be diagnosed for 1 hour, and even faster.

Possible laptops failures and ways of their solutions

Why you should apply it to us

Urgent engineer's visit
in an 1 hour

Warranty on
on all work

More than 8 years
of experience


A brief list of services for laptop repairings

  • Laptop diagnosis
  • Comprehensive prevention and cleaning of the laptop cooling system
  • Replacement or repair of the power connector in the laptop
  • Replace or repair the connector USB, Lan, Audio in laptop
  • Repair or replacement graphics card in a laptop
  • Replacing the cooling system in a laptop
  • Repair and replacement of laptop parts
  • Replacing the hard drive, RAM, CPU in a laptop
  • Repair and replacement of the laptop screen
  • Laptop repair after any liquid damage
  • Complex repair laptop motherboard repair with replacement chips
  • Replacing the DVD-RW drive in the laptop
  • Replacement laptop motherboard
  • Replacement laptop keyboard or installing missing buttons
  • Replacing the battery in the laptop
  • Repair and replacement laptop power supply

Laptop Repair in Cherkassy - easy solution of a difficult problem

Perhaps nothing is such a remarkable characteristic feature of modern life as impressive potencial technology. A laptop is fairly ranked as of the most popular devices. We work, study, communicate, obtain information, play with this almost universal mechanism. Laptops are so inseperably built - in daily routine, that their failure can take the wind out of our sails. In this case, we can think of only one thing - urgent laptop repair. But where to adress? Who can be trusted our equipment repairing to without warning? LOMASTER service center offers more than just laptop repairs but there is also a wide range of services for your convenience in the field of modern computer maintanence.

Service Center LOMASTER™ - expert repair laptops

Our service center for repair laptops -is a real multifunctional workshop that allows to produce all required work of any complexity level. It is possible thanks to own warehouse of spare parts and modern technological base. A unique team of professionals in the field of computer repairs provides services at the highest level. Diagnosis and repair of laptops are carried out for all brands and models of devices. The list of service provided is very large - the replacement hard drive, matrix, information recovery, installation of software and operating systems, etc. Do not worry that your laptop failure is too serious - our service engineers cope with any breakdowns. Problem diagnosing is free of charge. For each repaired device our guarantee is given. In addition, the service center is engaged in a qualified consulting in the field of repair and maintenance using laptops. Expert’s tips will maximize the effective period of your equipment operation.

Cherkassy, Shevchenko st, 250 look at the map

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